Hospitality Document Management


Document Mountain by Cornerstone understands that managing files for your hospitality business can be difficult, especially so if you’re not using an electronic filing and document retrieval service.

If you’re not, more than likely your staff is spending more time filing and retrieving documents, including business, customer, facility maintenance, and legal records – not to mention payroll and tax documents. Managing these records manually just doesn’t make sense when electronic tools such as Document Mountain by Cornerstone exist. It’s a better way.

We can help your business streamline business operations, client relationships and keep those records safe. Our system electronically stores documents and brings your business into the twenty-first century with no upfront cost.


Streamline Your Office – electronically storing your company’s important papers makes accessing them easy. Retrieving, emailing, faxing, managing files – all becomes exponentially easier with Document Mountain.

Improve Operational Efficiency – Your staff can spend less time on administrative duties and concentrate on work that brings real ROI to clients.

Instant Access to Client Documents – Spend less time hunting for documents and more time with managing your clients.

Immediate Return on Your Investment – You will save countless hours manually filing, retrieving and sorting, and more time working with clients. When they’re happy, you will attract more business.

Learn how Document Mountain by Cornerstone will save you money, keep your records safe, make them easy to retrieve, while reclaiming more time for clients.